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on jarring the spine is not so marked in growths as it is in tuberculous disease.

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There is often some pain or tenderness on pressure in the epigastrium and

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most apt to be engorged, the area of cardiac dulness may be abnormally

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that pleural effusion is rarely bilateral, and if at all profuse usually displaces

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made only after care has been exercised to exclude the possibility of injury,

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feld in Europe, and Osier in this country, have studied this malady. It

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deposited pigment, and their capillaries may be filled by leukocytes laden with

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gouty sore throat, gouty iritis and conjunctivitis, gouty stiffness of the various

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by three cardinal symptoms — sore mouth, flatulency, and diarrhoea.

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increased, even to the degree of pectorilo(|uy. At this place above the

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tongue is that of a worm-eaten leaf. In some patients it produces no dis-

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be used, and phosphorus is often of value in the dose of yfo grain three

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not to mention that the assistance of art in keeping the teeth clean

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present in cases of hemiplegia, but in hemiplegia the upper part of the face

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culty is relieved. If the degree of relief is sufficient to permit sleep, the patient

eye sensation and perception

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tions, time and future discoveries alone can fully determine.

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boiling point of water at different vacuum

exudation occurs, and so forms a vesicle which increases at its margin,

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the disease named when discussing its pathology. At the outset, however,

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motor fibres have their origin in the pons, a little above its middle, receiving

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but no evidence has been adduced to show that they are its causative agents.

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out externally. The two stings may be said to begin by those two

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period of time. Even these cases, however, often develop into the true

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dilemma by its slightest sacrifice, forces him to confess the existence of a living

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relieved, or prevented from developing, by the establishment of an efficient

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with the greatest effect, the pulp must not have been exposed. In fact the

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by overgrowth of its connective tissues, and the pericardium and endocar-

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from the bites of the anopheles by the use of mosquito bars, particularly

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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. — Cases of chorea come to autopsy infre-

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in the joints and muscles, which impress upon his mind the fact that he is

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is elevated. The difficulty under which the patient labors is that he retains

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twenty-four hours, and many will do best on much less than this. Valuable

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bursse all become affected, and even the articular cartilages are involved.

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formed, but a number of remedies may be given to patients who suffer

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which are produced in pulmonary tuberculosis with cavity. The presence of

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study of Fossil Remains, and their application to the elucidation of many im-

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it is an acute diffuse nephritis. The condition is not far removed from that

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different parts as if squeezed out of a sponge, and runs together

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vascular system ; but as it begins most commonly externally, in a

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