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fection with parasites of two or more types are frequently ob-
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accident has never taken place. For my own part, I repeat that, in my
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Casb 33. — Operators, Blskrldge and Freeman, 1897. Duration 1
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in its early impressions, but still more in the edition by Dr. Horner. The
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that care which the case appears to demand. The patient is now quite well.
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Inoculations were made subcutaneously with bits of tissue
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D., 1st, 2nd and 3rd L. removed with saw and chisel. Hard,
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Nov. 21si, 183S, J. Levering, at. 10 months, vaccinated by means of vac-
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The "United States Pharmacopeia" is an authoritative list of
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a case of typhoid fever and the intensity and extent
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ance, and as no tension existed I did not think it necessarv to have recourse

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