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The queen, the mother of all, in whatever way produced, is a true
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ing sensation in the stupor of a narcotic. In many cases, therefore, we may
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Etiology. — Without doubt syphilis is a provoking cause in a large propor-
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purges or by castor oil. Purgation may be resorted to every twenty-
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culation in the lungs, produces a seizure in susceptible persons. Such a case
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and the relations of these organs, which most subsequent writers
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laryngeal tissues may be infiltrated by pus, diffuse suppurative interstitial
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is very thick and long, making a very fine fur, especially on the
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by ataxia, difficulty in speech, and nystagmus, and in these points resembles
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INIore commonly, however, the respiratory rate mounts to as high a point
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considerable time before you kill the animal, you will find the
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Another valuable drug in chronic contracted kidney, both from the stand-
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influence in diminishing the elimination of sugar in the urine than any
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sive, and the mind clouded. Toward the close of life stupor or coma merci-
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the blood; this type is that usually met with in children. But the form
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f [In the leech the alimentary canal terminates by a minute anus, situated
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organisms which aid in decreasing his vital resistance should be borne in
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in healing, cause much contraction and thickening of the stomach, so that its
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side of the body, with or without loss of sensation. Frequently the so-called
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quency of tuberculosis of the Fallopian tubes is notable. It forms the
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been mentioned when discussing the secondary lesions of the disease, as
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is corrected and proper cleanliness of the mouth is obtained.
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patient, particularly as to alcohol, hard work and exposure, and upon the
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of the primary lesion or chancre, and in some cases even earlier than this.
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The first five may be called the permanent teeth : they differ
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Trommer's test is performed in the following manner:
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cating with the tympanum ; one side being fixed to the malleus,
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ianopsia, and homonymous hemianopsia, each variety being named not
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vesicles of an adhesive, croupous, or fibrinous exudate, which produces con-
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those of the facial, but leave it at once, and by way of the Vidian, or superficial
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ing, and showing them after they are burnt, is as follows : Let one half of a tooth
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five times a day. Or, instead, 10 grains of benzoate of ammonium may
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changes in the lateral tracts. If the muscles supplied by the ulnar and
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actual lesion of the internal ear the prognosis is bad and treatment is futile.
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allowed to mingle with other persons as long as desquamation or nasal,
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of life. The skin during an attack is covered more or less profusely by a
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Definition. — Amyloid disease of the kidneys is part of a general process
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swallowing becomes difficult, and when the muscles of the lips become
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but thinner, most delicately villous and lined by a remarkable tapetum of a bluish-

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