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When an agent works hard and honestly and succeeds,
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the horse is bled regularly every four weeks, receiving in the meantime doses
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Convulsions. — These may be general or limited, especially in children about
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larly about it, if I knew^ any one of them that I thought had virtue enough to
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he first exposed himself to the mosquitoes. On the evening of the day that
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bronchitis and Koplik's spots would assist in the recognition of measles.
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only influences arterial pressure, but the venous as well, and
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of neuropathic albuminuria some interesting observations
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cause bloody tears. Small hemorrhages may take place from the ear,
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tal syphilis, will prevent this error. The fact that the swelling is epiphyseal
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points of differential diagnosis are open to criticism, for arthritis deformans
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were treated, each patient under two years of age Avas immunized with a
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in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, . . .
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of cases are described. Some writers use it to designate very mild attacks
marked, antipyrine or phenacetine, gr. 10 (0.65 gm.), with caffeine gr. 3
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pyaemia to cause a simple synovitis or for rheumatism to cause a destructive
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not so successful as in the skin. The constitutional reaction was less marked
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involved. In the female it is much more common and Keen reported 17
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consisting of a thick yellowish material which soon dries into a gray or
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On the other hand although a slight mitral lesion cannot be detected
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may be recognized and treated earlier and the requisite disinfection carried
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pneumonia as a terminal infection. In 195 carefully studied autopsies on
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when some primary focus of influenza can be demonstrated. Even then,
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the more likely its recurrence, and the greater the probability
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the disease was not so frequent as before in the years following the usual age
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