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Definition and Etiology. — Spontaneous hemorrhage into the spinal cord
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to two years, an unusually severe attack of fever ushers in the primary
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stant and severe than they are in multiple sclerosis, and by the other evidences
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thalamus and adjacent tissues are involved. If this pupillary in-
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Symptoms. — At the time of development of the vesicle or boil there may
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experience he has attempted to present the facts which the practitioner
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entiation are the contraction of the visual fields and the alterations in the
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If the gums are diseased, and become spongy, as has been de-
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in the United States the death rate in those of English descent is 15 per
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to carry the burden of elimination if left by itself.
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is diplegia both sides of the brain are involved. In that type of case in
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seen more than one case in which the diagnosis of acute pleurisy had been
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tolysis and overgrowth of the nucleokis. These changes are, however, by no
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to the provoking causes which have just been named. Strong, hearty, or
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liable to arteriosclerosis. The change is often a manifestation of age, and
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In every case, however, there is a condition of nasal hypersesthesia which
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The Nauheim baths are also contraindicated in cases of advanced arterio-
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were so ill that they became in-patients, and are so recorded.
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years; these prolonged instances must be viewed with suspicion as to their
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vomit, bloody fecal discharges, and urine, from fatal and other cases of yellow
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assert that actual contact between the body of the patient and that of the
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may be there for a long time without causing abscess; whereas, the entrance
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has been worn off from the old one, the cavity of the young tooth
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tincture of opium and starch-water are very useful.
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to 1,500,000. There are also present poikilocytes and usually a large number
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32 were mitral stenosis, and 11 tricuspid regurgitation. I believe that these
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the iodide of iron in 30 or 60 drop doses three or four times a day well
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is developed undergoes contraction, whereas in the hypertrophic form it
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are employed. A higher number of milliamperes have been used, but with
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There is some evidence to indicate that the disease is hereditary, for
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tion of the spinal cells by anaemia, is present. Sudden death may take place.
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When marked dropsy is present, the use of magnesium sulphate in con-
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as old as recorded medicine. The first mention of it was made by Strabo,
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from cells in the floor of the fourth ventricle, passes through the pons, and
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tracts entirely, or after it is closed will act as an extraneous body,
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the lower-jaw. c its ascending process, d the root of the coronoid
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The spleen is swollen, soft, and its pulp is very dark. Many of the red
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tliickened, particularly in the part covering the posterior columns, and these
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be identical, but the leukocyte count is rarely above 15,000 or 20,000,
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ably a case of acute myelitis. Pain is also an important symptom, for, if it
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Very rarely, strange as it may seem, no febrile movement is present at any
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in many cases be prevented : however, if it should not be in the
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was not discovered until the body was placed on the postmortem table.

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