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resemble those of apoplexy, which are supposed to be due to fresh extrav-
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the patient becomes very much better and continues in a fair state of health
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number of large red cells, with a full complement of htemoglobin, may
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pain which seems as violent as a renal or hepatic colic. This pain is felt not
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must be noted. In persons of advanced years the possibility of malignant
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secretion is established the parts are thoroughly moistened by serum and
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persons were stricken, and of this number 8000 died. In the city of Altona,
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of the kidneys a patient develops a series of symptoms of which the most
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1. That malignant disease of the stomach begins in the majority of instances
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By the observations which I have made in unravelling the texture
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scopically it shows red blood cells, epithelial cells from the uriniferous
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The last of these is the only one in which the meningococcus was demon-
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the hands and feet, but no enlargement of the face, and there is always found
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When the attack is quotidian quinine must be given daily, when it is
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this, and remains high throughout the disease, the variation in the morn-
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accidental inoculation. Recent studies have shown that the tonsils and
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The causes of hypostatic congestion are not very different from those of
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multiple sclerosis from spastic paraplegia, but as the disease progresses the
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they are too thick and too stiff to approximate their edges. In other instances
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may be at the apex or along the left edge of the sternum in the third,
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so peculiar and striking that there is no difficulty in diagnosis, if the malady
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need be. Acetanilid may be given in similar dose, and antipyrin in slightly
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ent after exercise and absent after rest. The second sign of some im-
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Knowing that when bees are forming a queen they should be con-
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recurrent laryngeal nerves. Most of the motor fibres of the pneumogastric
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or pulmonary infections, or other evidences of colonization of the germ in
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not being under the necessity of providing for the winter.
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The urine is often imperfectly expelled and as a result residual urine pro-
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milk or flesh or both poisonous. The flesh of certain animals also becomes
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act as causes, to the relief of the conditions which exist in other portions of
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the liver, the primary growth is probably in the gall-bladder, for they rarely
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Sir Andrew Clarke, in which the layers of the pleura become adherent and
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continuing at this point for several days. Occasionally, at onset, it may
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A fourth factor is the abuse of alcohol, not in the sense of going on sprees,
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If the urine is examined a trace of albumin is usually found in it, even if
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pretty much worn down. The reason of this is, that such people
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were also the omentum. The mesentery was in some places 10 cm. thick.
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cups on the back over the kidneys and in the liberal administration of some
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is prone to follow. Robson and Moynihan are firmly convinced that the
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or less interstitial extravasation. Later the erythrocytes are fragmented, the
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cells of the part involved and overgrowth of connective tissue.
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universality proves it. And I do conceive that in a pretty uniform
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