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particularly if hypertrophy is lacking and dilatation is marked. In old

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bloody stools, the character of the blood being dark and tarry, owing to

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causes congestion of the veins of the brain, and affects chiefly those which

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water with or without opium and lime-water are principally used.

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the tissues, and, secondly, some cause, local or general, which diminishes

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few hours. Chills are often present, and may be the first symptom of the

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severe. It is important that these variations in the severity of the symptoms

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from thrombosis of the cerebral sinuses or of the cerebral arteries, but they

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action of ciliated epithelium lining the larynx, trachea, and bronchial tubes,

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is single, by opening and draining it as soon as its existence is determined.

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larly marked at the ends of the long bones and at the costal ends of the ribs

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of the abdomen. Their upper edge is a pretty straight line, with

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often noted that the movement of the anterior chest-wall under the ear is

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11. Crus. 12. Pons. 1.3. Medulla oblongata. 14. Cerebellum.

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care is taken to destroy all the specific organisms the moment they escape

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sure takes place on the inside of the gum, and local inflammation, accompanied

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themselves, a sense of malaise and headache or vertigo. The first symptom

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culation fail, alcohol in the form of whiskey or brandy, well diluted with

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membranous, gangrenous, or suppurative. The first two forms usually

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hcemic bruits, propagated to a remarkable distance into the great vessels.

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whole length of its bony part.f It opens or begins at the point of

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Myocarditis, on the other hand, is more frequently met with as a

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seem, at first sight, improbable ; and from an attentive view of the

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Sometimes these symptoms are ushered in with severe chills, which recur at

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them used in moderation may be advantageous in certain cases.


lesion determining the Argyll-Robertson pupil. Recent studies indicate

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they are adherent and thinned, so that they appear atrophied. Such a condi-

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and sloughing or gangrene appears. Sometimes erysipelas is developed

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facts and references). When, because of diminution of vital resistance the

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suggested the name "isolated area." This area comprises the greater

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obtained from the first. In 1885 Nicolaier obtained from the pus of infected

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contagion should be quarantined for a period of twenty-one days, in

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study the renal condition. Often the routine examination of the vessels

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an important part in the spread of the necrosis and add to the intoxication

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in a case of aortic stenosis is generally con-

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temperature of the affected part was raised. In some instances weakness

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follows some more or less prolonged and exhausting malady. Then, too,

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extremity are affected ; as a rule, sensation and the reflexes are not altered. In

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of a perfectly healthy mode of life, and the use of good food. Pain is to

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due to the presence of associated pulmonary tuberculosis. Osier asserts

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