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also the epithelial cells of some of the pyramidal tubes. Hemorrhages in the

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haps to changes in the vertebrae. Secondary contractures may take place

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effect for an affection of this kind, which had become excessively violent in its

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cartilages which surround both organs: this is not discernible in the

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polyhedral cells and scattered giant cells, which are commonly abnormal,

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toneum are em,aciation, ascites, and, it may be, the discovery of nodules, or of

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tion of irritant materials, and must be treated in much the same manner as

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in regard to the relative frequency of the most frequent and important

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Pancreatic calculus is an exceedingly rare condition. The stones are

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tion of the biliary ducts by the parasites causes dilatation and chronic

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scarlet fever in which the infection seems so intense that the kidneys are

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chills and rigors. Usually by the second or third day the peritoneal symp-

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and the deposit is made. When inflammation is present enough albumin

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inflammation is a point against the disease being true rheumatism. The

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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. — The essential lesion of this disease is an

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porarily used as a valve on each inspiring movement until a wash-bottle can

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purulent material, in which, if the wall of the gall-bladder is seriously involved,

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growth of connective tissue, as has just been described, but by wasting or

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symptoms, in the joints at least, are very mild, but these cases are very

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As already pointed out, the symptoms of bronchopneumonia, in children

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rib joins the middle third. With these symptoms there is fever, often

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severe and occurred in Barthez's cases 16 times out of 39 cases. Grainger

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or the superior vena cava or pulmonary vein suffers from compression, and

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the heart, so that we frequently see young persons with grave cardiac

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state of the mucous membranes of the whole respiratory tract. Secondarily,

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side ones short ;* the tail is long. The hair on the body is rather

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the apex of the lung, where Skodaic resonance is present, is greatly

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which atheroma and aortic roughening cause a systolic aortic murmur.

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and more asthenic and depressed, and death results by the fourth day

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Malades, where antitoxin was used, was 26 per cent., while the mortality

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free secretion in the upper respiratory tract by the use of alkaline sprays

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quantities every two hours. No medicine which may disturb digestion

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enables us to determine the character of the infection in the great majority

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rod-shaped centre known as the centrosome, or micronucleus. Along one

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figure of the torpedo, gives an internal view of his electric organs.

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is greatly modified, and, further, that scarring of the skin is diminished.

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The second point to be recalled is that certain drugs may be employed

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pieces of comb, four inches square, each containing both eggs and

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is being made, a terminal pneumonia occurs, and death ensues.

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gall-bladder may reveal an enlargement of this viscus, and jaundice points

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sometimes it happens that several members of the same family suffer from

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who suffer from hemorrhage inside the skull is an effort of nature to main-

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