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becomes dislodged from the gall-bladder and slips into the cystic or common

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known, but the clinical fact that such a result is often achieved is not to be

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the larynx in malignant and non-malignant growth or tuberculosis of this

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in the great Northwestern States east of the Rocky INIountains, in which

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infect the colon. They are to be considered as cases of chronic catarrhal

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normal elasticity. They are unable to drive out any additional blood which

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of the illness, but often are not demonstrable in the stools until the latter

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In some instances the disease seems to be progressive in its type, the full

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smallpox, the vesicles do not seem to reach as great a degree of fulness as in

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Reference has been made on several occasions to diphtheroid conditions

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develops from this injury is very large, and by the prompt administration

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In the well-developed ulcerated form the systemic disturbance is profound

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Leprosy begins with marked prodromata, of which fever is the most

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the hope that complications may be avoided and that severe symptoms may

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great. About one death in every seven is due to this .cause, and when we

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spleen is usually small. The heart is flaccid and the lungs shrunken.

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it is subject to great remissions, particularly if the sweating is profuse.

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lesions are often bilateral. (See Infantile Cerebral Palsy.) Any lesion in

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Following this epidemic, known in history as the plague of Justinian, the

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the walls of the vesicles and the connective tissue of the lung breaking down

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to undue dryness of the nasopharynx or to tickling of the uvula by the

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the water in his ascent ; both which shocks, but particularly the last,

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of elimination. The idea that quinine is of value is probably erroneous.

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exaggerated view of its occurrence. Craig has reported the results of exam-

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Stimulants are to be used when the pulse is actually weak and the car-

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of the foot almost invariably causes extension of the big toe (Babinski's

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In the great majority of cases the chronic form is the result of patho-

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always present during the acute stages of this disease. Indeed, it may be

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enabled to accomplish, from living in society through the winter ;

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utmost decay, a is a grinder of the upper-jaw nearly complete, in

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tinct thrill can be felt. This thrill is in the nature of a vibration and is

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the employment of sulphate of magnesium combined with aromatic sulphuric

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vessels going from the pulp into the substance of a new-formed

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plate of the alveolar process is depressed, so as to form a flutingf

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The bowels are usually constipated, although in some of the severe cases

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linings, which cavities are surrounded by dense walls of overgrown con-

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perpetuates deformities of which it was originally the cause.

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and infarction and even acute suppurative nephritis occur, although infre-

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if constipation has been marked, they may be opened at once by citrate

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what the tooth was, the place of which it is to supply. This cannot

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direct ratio to the laxity with which vaccination laws are enforced. Im-

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