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1893, ^°^> ^ ^^ succeeded Dr. W. A. Dewey in his prac-
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but did not relieve the hysteria, and found the ovaries healthy.
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ment and in drugs, we have no right to assume that we have as
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popularly termed "nervous prostration," with flaccidity of the
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to 1 841, enumerates 5,161 patients: cured, 4,710; uncured, 89;
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or particular branch with which they are best acquainted, giving
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he also matriculated in the Medical Department of the
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The subject of this sketch received his early education
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tised by the profession those ideas on the germ theory and antisepsis
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rendered unavailable through this cause. When badly
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without opium," and whose successful practice amply justifies
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drap, of the leucoplastic or vulvoplastic type, has been ad-
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The deficient development of rachitic bones can also be recognized upon
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President American Gynaecological Society; Hon. Presi-
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by continuing to drink. Only for three weeks did he abstain
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Their elasticity, their mobility, the fluid nature of their
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waukee, Wisconsin. They have five children, two sons
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rational method of treatment which it represents. That our
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ful as useless : it remains, until thrown off, a mere burden, the
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Norstrom. Children: Nils Gustaf, born April 11, 1902; Walter Eric,
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In other cases the appearance of the characteristic changes in the bones is
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onstrations in teaching, and his proficiency in chemistry had a very
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" Disinfection of Ingesta. — It is well established that cholera and
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small band of workers — "a little band indeed, scarcely able
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charcoal, quick-lime, and dry earth), he calls attention to the specially prepared
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at the time of puberty — i. e., the time of preparation for the sexual life.

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