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Aspire Verb Or Noun

place. The heart occasionally shows granular or fatty degeneration and
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croupous exudate in the pelvis of these organs may develop.
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As a rule, the early symptoms are recognized in retrospect rather than
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occurs at the end of the series of short, sharp coughs, does not appear for
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or probability, of infection is greatly increased by any disease which lowers
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ally, however, assumes its crystalline form, becomes semitransparent, and ex-
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uncommon. The fever is irregular or intermitting in type. It is preceded
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losis, or neoplastic invasion of the thoracic duct, or its obstruction by
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13.3 per cent., were in the left lobe, and 2, or 0.3 per cent., were in the
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is well developed. The massive and gicjanHc appearance of the head, of
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The administration of massive doses of bismuth subnitrate has been
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Wlien hemiplegia occurs, which is quite rare, it results from cerebral
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Preble has made a most complete statistical study of gastrointestinal
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of the carbohydrates ingested, and when this condition develops they speedily
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is first seen. It matters not whether the milk be "from the breast or from the
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lasts there is danger of the spread of the disease from the patient.
aspire verb or noun
from the head end. It is assumed that these were males. In the adult
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irritable condition of the bronchial tubes, quiet and sleep is obtainable if
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nerve cells produced by an interference with their normal blood supply and
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The disease sometimes begins with marked psychical prodromata, includ-
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sclerosis the adrenal is rarely, if ever, a normal organ. The observations
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condition is also pointed to by the history of injury or of some diathetic state
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of gastric dilatation are usually considered
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The salicylates are useful if lithsemia is present.
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occurred at varying periods after typhoid fever. Osier has reported a case
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^ The color of the pigment in these figures of the quartan parasite has too much of a reddish tint.
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forces a recognition of its presence upon the patient, not by pain, but by his
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of eliminating the toxins of the new malady may so overwhelm the kidneys
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by the patient, who no sooner provides his system with fluid by drink-
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a large hypodermic needle which is inserted through the skin where it has
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alone, but might be made out in other insects: an instance of this
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xi.. No. 1, pp. 8-360 and January, 1906, vol. xiv.. No. 2, pp. 209-359. (For
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oughly engrafted upon the patient's system without instituting measures
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tion by Shiga's bacillus. It also develops as a terminal infection in some
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but in two curves, making a peak, all which gives the belly a lighter
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mitral. Mitral regurgitation quite frequently occurs as the result of aortic
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is a marked increase in lymphocytes if the inflammatory process is tuber-
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tremors may resemble those of paralysis agitans or other diseases charac-
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urine of such patients show considerable quantities of albumin and casts,
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toms of what is popularly called "sore throat," so that the patient feels that
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composition and combination, and also a certain degree of heat.
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often be found engorged (see Cirrhosis of the Liver), and in all forms of
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the result that he is in doubt as to the position of his limbs and as to the
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insanity. He is restless, very excited, and may be extremely violent. As a

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