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throughout its entire length, except a small portion at
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a grain to one grain to the ounce of distilled water.
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researches of the anatomist, the physiologist, the pathologist, have
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is a case of valvular disease of the heart, or even that it is a
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hemorrhages. Hemorrhage is responsible for about 20 per cent, of all
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powder left on the surface. The piece was then painted and finally
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The simplest form of injury that the brain substance
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free from pain, and the neighbourhood of the supra-orbital nerve was ansesthetic.
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some limit, for one can scarcely be held responsible for
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tions considered in this paper, there was no definite decrease in the
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when the eftablifhment is already formed, we {hould be careful
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original defect in the omphalositic child which prevents devel-
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means of a sterile swab. This pus in turn was coUcfted with a
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ficient as well as the quantity and quality of its fluids.
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1. The bladder center itself is injured. Both the sphincter and the
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a diagnosis of typhoid fever, which later proved to be a case of malignant endo-
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present to render diagnosis reliable in children, as well
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the treatment with heat, is the widespread degeneration in their cell
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No effect was observed as a result of the use of tuberculinic acid ;
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Virchow, C(!llular Pathology; by Chance, lect. x. 18G0; Kokitanj^liy,
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few children admitted to the intensive care unit with
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merelv being a pallatise measure, then the child should
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Medical Press and Circular. March, April, May, 1866.
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amount of blood in the large vessels) whether or not the brain acts
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in this country to apply medication within the uterine
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lary Tubes was afterwards read. Its object was to show,
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As stated on page 208, heredity is not usually noted in progressive
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poison that comes into e^-idence in the latter part of the disease
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that in embryonic development a perfect union of the tubules has
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related to the sense of smell, and although the centre has not been very
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theria is a disease which has been unusually prevalent
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luxury of social intercourse with their friends in the Soutli would
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plication under aseptic precautions, and most satisfactory
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The question has recently been studied by Griffith and Ostheimer, who
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a rash showed itself on the child, which proved to be
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