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tion appears to be in the condyles, and the motion of their jaw to

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physician should grasp the needle with his thumb and forefinger not far

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peripheral motor neurones are the portions of the nervous system most

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Clots may be found in the pericardial space. Clear, straw-colored fluid

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three or four times a day. The latter I prefer. In many of these cases also

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the infection occurs in sharply defined areas. It exists on the west coast of

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develops with remarkable rapidity. The only vessels which do not leak

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thickening results, and function is more or less fully restored.

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cause coming into action at its stated time ; the corresponding

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also seen in leukaemia, but the association of profound anaemia and pallor

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month, nose, and orbits ; to give a basis, or supply the alveolar

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underneath ; and in one jaw, where both the grinders were shed-

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that parts of its body were blue-black. The autopsy in such a case shows

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it is a "tabes of the brain." A clinical picture of paretic dementia with tabes

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to produce great changes in the capillary circulation of the larynx and

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patch as it passes through the birth canal. It is interesting to note, however,

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observed in Sumatra, by Martin, who describes it as a fulminating inflam-

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sense and temperature sense, with preservation of tactile sense; by the devel-

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given hypodermically. If the dyspnoea is marked a large hollow needle, or

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(primary). Koplik has recently made an interesting report on this subject

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ing confluent smallpox. The most common seat for these abscesses is upon

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ing. If some bees are let loose in a bee-hive, and do not know from

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part projecting, in the same manner as in the guinea-pig. The

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primary inflammation of the smaller bronchi, and it is called lobular

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be given very slowly by intravenous injection. Even this plan, if instituted

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tory that there has been grave doubt as to whether the patient has been

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rhages may occur in cases which do not suffer from oesophageal varices.

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pressure, and exquisite tenderness of the skin over that part of the pleura

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boiling point of water with salt added

after a long rest, and debility may be persistent. In some instances insomnia

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collected 43,393 cases, of which 21,850 occurred in boys and 21,543 in

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allay bronchial irritation is preventive in its influence. If local lesions

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because of the loss of power in the diaphragm and in the other respiratory

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produced the joint lesions of rheumatoid arthritis in animals.

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and in laryngeal spasm due to locomotor ataxia the same freedom from

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under the belly than in the others of this tribe, not so much at the

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erosion of large vessels. Secondary cavities are due to the spread of the

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from its nest, and, proceeding to travel down the ureter, cause an attack

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of the sternomastoid muscle, which muscle it supplies. Passing through

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suppose that it is the young bees which swarm ; and most probably

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