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the means by which this is best accomplished can be determined in each

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If on examining one side of the chest it is found to present impaired move-

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when the fall occurs it takes place with extraordinary speed, the patient

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was described by Basedow (1840). Exophthalmic goitre is an entirely

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it is in the form of multiple growths, which vary in size from a small seed

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dependent upon actual impairment of the power of the heart as a result of

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wasted. The palsy is nearly always flaccid, may be quite profound, and is

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Treatment. — The febrile condition is not severe enough to demand special

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be filled up in the same proportion ; if so, there is no possibility of

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army became infected, and nearly 87 per cent, of all the deaths in the army

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It is common for these abscesses to skin over, and in all appear-

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in producing the symptoms, is really of secondary importance as compared

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citis makes it possible to understand the symptoms which will be described

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6. Corpus callosum. 7. Thalamus opticus. 10. Corpora quadrigemina. 11. Crus. 12. Pons.

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that they are permanent, but often when moved forwards that they

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Secondary infections frequently occur from scratching or chafing, or from

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development of those serious complications like vomiting and broncho-

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be given by the mouth and no drink is to be taken. If need be, liquid can be

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strength, marked tachycardia, persistent vomiting, and diarrhoea are all of

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scapulae are prominent. In some cases the disease ceases to develop; but

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tions of the vagina or cervix, and prostatic involvement, call for appropriate

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only when the intussusception occurs in the lower portion of the bowel. If

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the temperature was 25° below zero. Boulanger is probably correct in stating

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tageous for this class of patients, but sweet and sour wines and champagnes

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it is heard elsewhere in the chest. If the radial or temporal arteries

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appeared, chiefly derived, as they are, from these sources, the merits

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develop symptoms of spastic paraplegia due to descending degenerative

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the skin and mucous membranes and somewhat similar punctate extrava-

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factors in its development are universally recognized as being active. The

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time it never attacked Europeans. It is, therefore, a disease indigenous to

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large Philadelphia hospitals, only 1902, or 0.9 per cent., were affected with

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cause inflammation of the pericardium. In infections involving the myo-

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caisson dry. In some instances the pressure is as great as ninety pounds to

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as well as the living I would give it the preference, because we are

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