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What Does Detrol La Cost

communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the

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match will set fire to a large accumulation of combustibles. Cases,

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the acid is present— about a minim to the ounce — is probably

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ances consist of various forms of paresthesia located over the outer side

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and elsewhere and studying chemistry in Paris, he returned

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of Graves' disease may continue with little or no change, though the

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omitted, and though there is reference to post-febrile insanity,

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I'oquet , in which, on trying to extract a tooth, the whole alveolar process

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vaccin-ition law." The report was adople 1 on tlie motion of

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By far the most imxDortant class of cases to excite doubt as to the

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We ma3^ also affirm witli considerable cei-taiuty tliat tlie liver is tlie

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eleven or twelve days after exposure, and then begins with the symi>-

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healthy animals and men, he found a much smaller percentage of

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times the cause of the most extraordinary throbbing. Osler^ reports

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apply to Dr. Glascott, 2:1, St. John Street, Manchester, at once.— C. E.

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ing-cough is to prevent and abolish the laryngeal spasms. I can speak

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We have received a copy of tlie first number of the South

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text for preaching against the accepted custom of bringing

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Students. By Dr. W. Migula. London : Swan Sonnenschein and Co. ^

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leptics. I have no doubt that their common habit of bolting their

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palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. At first the sp>ots are of

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the olliciating medical charge of the 17th Bengal Infantry.

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to eliminate a much greater quantity of urea after a meal than before

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notorious that gout, once acquired, is very apt to pass on and become a

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Its coincidence with the diastole, however, is always recognizable.

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nated " severe" because the excretion of sugar continues even when all

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blebs, nor did any form subsequently. At the same time there

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of rheumatic fever and of rheumatic arthritis have been demonstrated

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It is probable that the commonest mode of entrance is by the ali-

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small emergency. All the while these titles are scattered broadcast

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will find it advantageous to have prepared a solution of per-

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gresses the muscular incoordination increases, so that the patient is

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be employed. We have no means equal to this for restoring the dimin-

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■The toast having been duly honoured, the " Carmen

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ing of the new buildings and hospital of the Post-Graduate

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