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or, if not upon excessive secretion, to the entrance into the general system

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and, if ill, where he cannot act as a centre of infection.

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Prognosis. — This varies greatly in different epidemics and depends

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commonly found near the ileocsecal valve, in the duodenum, or in the

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When the chrysalis is formed into the complete bee, it then de-

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lived eighteen months and two fourteen months, but all the others died within

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ceived by supposing an incisor with its corners rubbed off, so as to

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Prognosis. — Many cases of hemorrhage into the brain survive the first

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The gastrointestinal form of the disease may have its onset in severe

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very common and was the scourge of Aguinaldo's armies. It has occurred

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indicates its employment. A large number of operative procedures have

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bowels are moved. When distention has reached a very great degree and

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of the year when no pollen is present, the condition being induced by some

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addition to the changes already described, leukocytes become abundant,

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have broadened our views very greatly as to tropical disease. As troops

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and the other, where every male of that species dies before the

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of this disease in the winter months, and also with its rarity among the

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the entire body, so that they appear at first glance to be dropsical, but they

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togenous infection is admitted. Until recently an ascending infection has

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being no scrotum for their reception. The vesiculae seminales are

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the bee, and knew something of the structure of the interior of the hive, was the

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choked disk and the rapid onset will distinguish the former. In its "coma-

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4. Certain injuries to the central nervous system may so result, for severe

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the evidences of an acute catarrhal inflammation with swelling and hyper-

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spleen in twenty-three instances. Sometimes in cases of cancer of the

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families of substantial farmers inhabiting isolated spots."

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of which is turned -forwards; the lower part terminates in a thick

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In the amoohic type the development of abscess in the liver of course

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micro-organisms as the Streptococcits pyogenes, the Staphylococcus pyogenes

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extend vertically rather than transversely; but this rule is not absolute, and

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The organism is small and non-motile, and can be well stained bvLoeffler's

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reveals an overgrowth and swelling of the lymph glands in the thorax, abdo-

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panied by tumidity of the abdomen; whereas, peritonitis is characterized

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Etiology. — ^This is unknown, but some suppose it to be due to intestinal

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after the acute symptoms have passed by, with the result that the valves

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diplococcus in cultures made from the throats of patients having different

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