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it was extensively taught that general peritonitis should be treated by the
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belly ; so that this tendon seems rather to belong to the posterior,
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Should haematuria or haemoglobinuria complicate a case, a careful con-
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treat such conditions. It seems appropriate, therefore, that a modern work
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the neck is also a useful diagnostic point. The presence of secondary
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means as lay before him, to elucidate the text where it is obscure,
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commended the experiment twenty-four hours after the accident,
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a faint ring, which probably represents the remains of the body in which
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fibrous tissue, which greatly thickens both parietal and visceral layers and
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ceeding from this state to that of resolution and healing. Not mfrequently
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subacute or chronic disorder, and results from chronic inflammation of the
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A most interesting illustration of this has been sent me most kindly by
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the patient does not complain either of thirst or of excessive urination, and the
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may be absent, thereby exposing calcareous and roughened surfaces upon
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or 3.32 per cent., were affected with nephritis, and of 24,624 medical cases
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cian will carefully examine the urine and will bear in mind the fact that he is
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If the above practice is unsuccessful, and the tooth continues to
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is also to be recalled that in nearly all cases of tuberculous disease infection
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upon the anterior end of the kidney ; whether they are testicles or
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great measure prevent any future formation of matter, or at least
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hairy parts of the body are also attacked. In size the lesions vary from a
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indicate their former existence. In still others an overgrowth of fibrous tissue
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that not many persons of that age are to be found in such a series. The fol-
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good effects under these circumstances, I feel quite confident that larger ones
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of the right side of the face, the right half of the tongue, and the right superior
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should have its nasopharynx sprayed daily with some bland antiseptic wash
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been claimed that the cause lies in disorder of the sympathetic ganglia, but
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kidney there is no treatment which can be relied upon as being efficacious.
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VIII.). When trophic changes are very well marked, they result in hemi-
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A large proportion of cases are undoubtedly infected in sexual intercourse.
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begin to work at one end, and can work both down and towards
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lens in the Hunterian Museum, preps. Nos. 1658-1687, the nucleus is seen
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These abscesses, whether arising from the teeth or the sockets,
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growth require of its heart more than it can provide. In young adults who
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loss of flesh, such as tuberculosis, an excess of phosphates is present in the
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dermic injection of |^ of a grain of morphine if the patient shows great
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culous infection. It was reserved for W. W. Gerhard, of Philadelphia, in
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lobules, large tuberculous masses are speedily formed. They are also
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and chloral, may be used. Sometimes galvanic electricity gives relief, using
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morphine hypodermically to allay mental distress, and hypodermoclysis of
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place through the blood, but this is only when the vital resistance of all the
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Sig. — One or two every thirty minutes till six are taken.
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given by Marie. It does not affect the bones of the head or of the face, nor
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The characteristic symptoms of scurvy in a young child, when they are

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