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the purpose of chewing the food in order to its more easy digestion,
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It may be said of the fever of tuberculosis that it is usually moderate,
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* [See prep. No. 1679, Physiological Series, Hunterian Museum.]
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to allow those of the lower jaw to come between ; they are pretty
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101° or 102°; whereas in other cases which are really less ill, it may reach
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it may be so minute as to escape notice unless carefully sought, it is possible
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and quartan forms, except in certain localities which are usually tropical
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occurs about the time of puberty. In fully developed adults it is represented
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'methylene azure II, Griibler,' 8 dgm. to the litre; and second, an aqueous
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Thus, in appearance, it will remain sometimes for many years,
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but there is a thickened area, or ridge, between the centre and the periphery.
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Distribution. — Measles is met with in all parts of the civilized world. If
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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. — When the spinal cord in a case of syringo-
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fatty degeneration of the neighboring tissues or a cicatrix of connective tis-
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apply leeches occasionally, particularly when there is any unusual sensation
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if meningitis is present, will show an increased quantity of cerebrospinal
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commonly, are thickened by chronic endocarditis and calcareous deposits.
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inflammatory process. Next to the Bacillus coli communis stands the Strep-
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headache and vomiting. The face becomes flushed, but the expression is
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fatigued or mentally fagged, and often this condition is ascribed to the
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the savage to the most civilized people; but it has hardly been
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tap will often occur unless the needle happens to enter that portion of the
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is well developed, the posteroexternal columns are affected even in the
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follows diphtheria in the upper air-passages. Still more rarely in cases of
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nervous rest if the patient is becoming exhausted by his lack of sleep or
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when the arterial changes of advancing age still further weaken the area
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Etiology. — Nose-bleed is due to many different causes, chiefly traumatic.
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cases at least the diet may be correct, yet the faults in nutrition exist because
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Perforation takes place most commonly in the third and fourth weeks of
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Treatment. — No treatment is needed unless the kidney really causes pain.
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The sirens and menobranchus of the United States, the axolotl of Mexico,
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the age of the patient, his occupation, the general condition of his vitality,
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ment of fibrous tissue, and this again by the absorption of the cartilaginous
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tion appears in smallpox, and syphilitic patients presenting such an eruption
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they may hide much of the hypertrophy. Pcrcnssion may reveal increase
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis that the patient has acute inflammation of the

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