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first school year will detect and correct astigmatism
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sure, though, as it went on, and disease of the kid-
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easy and how habitual it is to sophisticate powdered
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hyperaesthetic rhinitis, and the hypertrophic forms
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usually practised. For the first four days he has it
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field of vision contracted about one third at the periphery
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cases treated by Schreiber ten patients showed man-
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these cases suction is the best method. It acts less
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Figures in the Text and Two Photographic Plates. New
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1. Remarks on the Technique of Operations for Stone in
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October 24th, Dr. Harry B. Lockhead, aged thirty-five
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lish speaking physicians, the illustrious author of
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teen days. From the fjeces it was still recoverable
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re-classification, as loss of flesh may be instituted at any time,
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Federal Council an international conference was held at
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lot of business done here and we are to be the military
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I c.c. April 4, 1910, injected i c.c. into right shoulder.
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therewith speedih" ; yet it is said that the flesh of
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considered a frequent occurrence, but later, with the
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spots, or the whole pupillary border of the iris may become
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plexes of such ; it is not alone a comparison of the
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the nitrogen disposal, the glycogenic disturbances,
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of the way people are going to say things, listening for
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operated upon for retained placenta, a severe laceration of
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hospital, on Monday evening, December 5th, at 8 115 o'clock.
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of the divisions are coordinated and brought under the di-
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Jeffreys, IV. Hamilton, and Maxwell, James L.— The
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I in 2,000 solution of formaldehyde plus i in 4,000
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attacks of vomiting which was attributed to her inability
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all else let nothing hurry you. Let the patient see
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solid> ruid fluids only wiih difficulty-. She had a severe
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i he rational procedure would be to carry on treat-
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and Blister-drawers, who, as they ma\' have possibl;
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inner side of the knee, over the internal condyle of
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concerned there can be no discussion, for it is settled
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forty-five hours each ; brood B being twenty-one hours
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ber 8, 1910, -| — \- ; November 30th, -| — |-. Wassermann re-
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cera, whether it be intestine or other organ, to pro-
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Plates and 105 Other Illustrations. Philadelphia : P.
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On September 28th an injection of 0.5 gramme was given.
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from the naval recruiting station, Hartford, Conn., and
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victims of suffering — of mysterious internal, or
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