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Zanaflex A 594

Pig. :i. — Showing restoration of downward motion in the left

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in mammals. There is one exception to this rule, an ex-

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agent in the cases mentioned, we must, I think, believe

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nostril usually extends over two to four hours. The

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care he was gave him 7i minims of strophanthus, and in tln-ee days lie got

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tion and the minute pathology of surgical diseases is wisely

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processes of digestion, dyspeptics are apt to experience an uncomfortable

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and weighed rather more than twelve pounds. It died

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there has been considerable loss of blood, for which the following remedies-

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intense congestion of the lungs, and some > lively and wide-spread excitement. The

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forceps before / reached the house. Her condition and

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The two following tiltrations were made with the same bougie u.sed above.

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death from asphyxia in any form. It frequently occurs in sudden and viole

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discrepancies between them.' Dr. Hammond does not allude to the test

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one of Dr. Miller's technologist to perform blood typing In the

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■was feeble. The discharge of blood had continued for three hours, and was

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vinced after drinking it that it reached the stomach in more

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colon; this he thinks is of more value in restoring the kidney

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modified attack and so became a source of infection to others, forgetting

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ously in infected districts and that in most of them no history of a

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been found efficacious in counteracting its effects, and thus lead to the certain

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entitled to its pro rata share of the common school fund.

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from the .mucous membranes, and is called the villous membrane.

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patient had vomited considerable quantities of blood for eight

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of live fetuses and implantation sites at 12 5 mg/kg/day

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been your misfortune to be called ' doc,' and if this rec-

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—Lancet, London, 1900, vol. i. p. 221. 34. Elder.— iZ*ic^., 1900, vol.

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which give positive reactions and those which do not. Let us

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to divide themselves into three distinct groups : first, those in which

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F.R.C.S. (Edin.). Bristol : John Wright & Sons. 1908

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Autopsy (Prof. Nauwerck) extract: Unusually marked death spots,

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saying it is a most useful measure in all severe secondary anemias.

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local conditions of the particular patient, which yet are

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recent pai)cr on "The Moqiholog}' of the Plague BaciUus," fig.s. 16 and 17.

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ski' described motile bacilli, which did not color by Gram's method. They

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