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various infectious diseases such as typhoid fever, pneumonia, scarlet fever,

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to catch them, either taking this matter out of themselves, from be-

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sclerotic patches have involved afferent fibres of the cerebellar system which

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were eggs, as also maggots, and in some of the trials there were

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which are subject to considerable enlargement at the period of the rut ; and the

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common practice to close the gum, as it is termed; this is more for

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condition persists and adult life is reached, there may be a high arterial

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since it is often expelled in enormous numbers by sneezing and coughing.

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absorbed. In these instances our desire is that fluid shall enter the tissues,

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Holt states that the mortality for children under one year of age is 25

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tigators have shown that it is possible to place in the peritoneal cavity con-

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the avoidance of fatigue, and the use of such foods as are easily digested in the

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The alveolar processes are covered by a red vascular substance,

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formation, and as a consequence we find that it is possible for the entrance

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the point of entrance, through which also the female is ultimately extruded.

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bedridden for the rest of his days. In the latter instance nearly all his

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china cup is used, it should always contain bichloride of mercury solution.

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When recovery takes place fibrous tissue covered by epithelium closes the

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followed anthrax of the mouth. The yeast fungus is not infrequently

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under my care in which, after many years of chronic bronchiectasis, a maiden

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sac usually forms, owing to the development of fibrous tissue around it.

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some of the symptoms. If it be a cause, we may suppose that the

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of another, dying, and being fossilized ; but this I am afraid cannot

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of actinomycosis in man depend to a great

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of 65 cases collected by me only 4 occurred in women, and out of 290 cases

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that the initial scarlatiniform rash sometimes seen is probably to be fol-

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tion. In still other cases the entire surface of the body is speedily covered

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mary decrease in weight, a real improvement in nutrition takes place, and

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care of Dr. Maguire. Dr. Barty King. (Brompton Hospital Museum. Scottish Medical and Surgical

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There is an excess of large nucleated red cells, many of which are giganto-

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in various parts, particularly if it affects the legs, it must be separated from

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acid locally. He treats about one square foot of skin at a time by rubbing

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mon, although Tyzzer reports 3S cases occurring in adult male Filipinos

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parts was recognized and reported as early as 1744 by Morgagni. In

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