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In the suppurating form of the disease the systemic manifestations are
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sometimes hypertrophic cirrhosis behes its name, in that the Uver is not
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the experiments on which he founds the latter proposition, if they
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the disease, are outclassed in an extreme degree by the reports of Naegeli
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which surround that part; these latter elliptically disposed fibres are stronger than
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of discomfort may be complained of in the legs. The reaction of degener-
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best heard just inside the apex beat when it first develops, but later it can
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Pathology. — Differing anatomically from typhoid fever in essential
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developed in the newly formed inflammatory tissues.
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now known in some insects yet cannot be observed in the bee, but
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the shoulder-blade, or to a spot between the shoulder blade and the spine.
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of Schramm, Spaeth, Hosier, and Frerichs, genital tuberculosis is found
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the means by which this is best accomplished can be determined in each
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to me that it is most satisfactory in mitral lesions. If dropsy is present, it
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the capillary vessels forming the tufts in the capsules are parts of the paren-
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analogy favour the idea of spots being acquired by age; on the contrary, the
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on to a fibrosis. The typical fibroid pancreas is small, dense, resists incision,
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into the chrysalis state, lined the cell with a silk, similar to many
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secretion is scanty a few doses of potassium iodide will cause a sharp
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of mercury may be alternated with iodide of potassium, iodide of sodium,
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presence of a history of syphilis, the malady has been arrested by the use
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rests upon the physician in regard to the cardiac changes in this disease,
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monly affected, and in the case of the optic nerve the favorite seat is the
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and the chin moves downwards, and a little backwards also. In
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hours. Some patients cough but once or twice a day, while others are
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instituted in reparation. This is not a part of the tuberculous process. The
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this muscle, it enters under the trapezius, a short distance above the clavicle.
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contradiction as to this point. This form of cancer is also the type which
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frequently touching it, should be avoided. Ligatures are especially improper.]
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